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Spec Sheets

Specs on various Aria products

Index of the Specificarions List

PE, MAC, XL series

HM, STG, FA series

TA, AMG, SWB, SB series

IGB, STB, TAB series

Sinsonido, The Sandpiper series

Elecord, Dreadnought series

AW&AF, AMB series

Concert SERIES, Electric Cutaway, Flamenco, PEPE, Ukulele series


D'Aquisto, Jose Antonio series

Pignose, H.V.Diethard series

Warranty Information

Aria provides a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner on instruments purchased from an authorized Aria dealer. Aria instruments are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials. Aria will repair or replace, at the manufacturer's discretion, any part found defective by our technicians. Aria reserves the right to use current technology and materials available to make an effective repair instrument.

Parts that are considered normal wear items are listed below and are not covered by this warranty. They include, but are not limited to: finishes, plating of metal parts, strings, frets, saddles, nuts, fingerboards, pickguards, tuning gears, wiring, potentiometers, and pickups. Wood cracks, which are the result of the normal aging process, are not covered. Tone is not covered by this warranty, since it is based on subjective and personal preference. Physical damage to the instrument by abuse, excessive string tension, or lack of proper care and maintenance, or instruments that have been altered from the original factory specifications, will not be covered.

If you require warranty repairs please return the instrument with proof of purchase to an authorised Aria dealer to make a warranty claim. All transportation costs and insurance are the sole responsibility of the owner of the instrument. Void where prohibited by law

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