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    The new excellent PE 590 AF - COMING SOON!


    The Fet T1 & M1 have different woods, check them out here:

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    'Aria took to the stage'

    If you came along to 'The Guitar and Bass Exhibition' on the 1st & 2nd April 2022, you would have seen

    an impressive arrange of Guitars and Basses on show. More than any other exhibitor!

    Thank you to those that came along and said 'Hi'


    Delta Player 131DP.

    Aria's 615 GH - Nashville

    Reviewed by: "Dainty"

    Aria's 718 MKII - Brooklyn

    Reviewed by: "Electric Guitar Review"

    Check out these new products

    Aria JET B'tone

    The brand new 'Little' acoustic guitar

    Aria 151 Lil'

    The new ARIA DM 206 - Independent review below by Nick Jennison

    Aria Pro II “JET-1” was reviewed by Guitar Interactive Magazine.
    JET series offer unique off-set shape body with truly versatile palyability and tone.
    JET-1, JET-2, and JET Bass are available.
    To read full review please visit https://www.guitarinteractivemagazine.com/ and check for issue 75.
    Thank you Guitar Interactive and Nick Jennison!


    Steph Staps

    Aria is the UK distributor for the Steph Strap brand.


    Excellence in Craftsmanship with Steph Accessories,  providing musical instrument accessories to distributors across the globe since 1984.

    “Excellence in craftsmanship” has been our motto ever since we first began producing our leather Steph Guitar Straps for musicians long ago, in 1984. This means we spare no effort and leave out no expense in making our guitar straps the best they can possibly be – each one tooled with care and attention and created with pride for our customers and for their needs.

     Aria Pro II 718-MK2 – Brooklyn – was reviewed by Guitar Interactive Magazine.

    718-MKS was launched at NAMM 2020 as a part of the latest “Hot Rod Collection”.

    To read full article please visit www.guitarinteractivemagazine.com and check for issue 73.

    Thank you Guitar Interactive and Nick Jennison!


     HOT ROD COLLECTION was successfully launched at NAMM 2020.

    Check this out!

    The Hot Rod collection:

    714 MK2

    615 MK2

    718 MK2

    714 JH

    615 GH

    313 MK2

    313 MK2/5