PE 1500RI

The history of Aria Pro II started here! Aria’s Flagship PE-model was born in early 70’s and has bee..

RRP: £2,950.00

PE 350

The Aria Pro II PE-350 combines superb playability, versatility and affordability. Keeping the vinta..

RRP: £299.00

PE 480

Spectacularly beautiful quilted maple on the body top. PE-480 offers broad distinction and higher pl..

RRP: £415.00


Featuring beautiful curly grain of “Ash”,  Aria Pro II “LUX series” are discriminating collecti..

RRP: £1,820.00

PE R80

The 80’s was the “Fusion Era”. Many musicians seeking an original voice chose to take up onto stage ..

RRP: £2,420.00

PE TR1 - Stained Brown

Made of selected mahogany.Keeping the vintage looks of the original Aria Pro II “PE” but with the ad..

RRP: £359.00

PE TR2 - Stained Black

Aria Pro II PE-TR2 generate vintage feeling and looks but offering higher playability with its morde..

RRP: £329.00

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