P7 100 Pignose portable Amp
P7 100 Pignose portable Amp  P7 100 Pignose portable Amp  P7 100 Pignose portable Amp 

P7 100 Pignose portable Amp

  • Brand: Pignose
  • Product Code: p7 100
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Pignose 7-100 Legendary Battery Amp    

The Pignose Legendary 7-100 is a high quality portable amplifier, and is the ideal harmonica amp. This is the classic version of the 7-100 Pignose amp, and it also comes in two different special edition varieties one with a cool effect finish and the other in a covered in for that hipster look. It offers a full range of tones, from clean to crunch, and is light enough, at around 2.5kgs to carry anywhere you wish! In fact, a standard guitar strap will attach perfectly and would enable you to sling it over your shoulder.

The Pignose 7-100 range has a quality sound that belies its relatively low price. In fact, many players use it as a pre-amp in live and studio environments, by using the pre-amp out jack to connect to bigger amps, PAs or recording consoles.

Get tones from clean to pig-filthy with the turn of one of the funkiest volume knobs in the world. With this Pignose Legendary 7-100 harmonica amp, you can practice anywhere at any time. It features a full array of tones from clean to crunchy.

It's powered by six AA batteries (not included) or by an optional AC adapter, which can be stored inside the amplifier case.

  • Power output: 5 watts
  • Speaker: 5"
  • Batteries: Runs on 6 AA batteries
  • AC Operation: Yes, with optional AC adapter (not included)
  • Classic Edition

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